Hospitality IT Solutions

Build Loyalty with Hospitality IT Solutions

Hospitality IT Solutions

Delivering exceptional service doesn’t have to end with pampering your guests and providing a memorable experience. It also expands into your technology services. Step ahead of the competition by finding a partner that can bridge the gap between people and technology. Jas Globe Inc. provides hotels and restaurants with solutions that focus on achieving goals while eliminating the stress of attracting, training and retaining IT staff.

Finally, you can concentrate on creating the best experience for your guests, instead of maintaining your IT environment. Whether you need virtualization and remote support, data backup and disaster recovery, or IT consultations, you can count on us to provide the experience and knowledge you need to meet your goals.

How can Jas Globe Inc. help your hospitality business?

  • Provide a Better Experience - Jas Globe Inc. provides the latest expertise on hospitality IT to improve the experience of your IT team and, ultimately, your guests. With our HealthyIT service, we’ll give you the tools you need to enhance performance, including backup and disaster recovery and network admin solutions.
  • Easily Scale Services - Jas Globe Inc. understands that your technology needs may change as your business grows. Our managed services provide optimal flexibility by quickly adjusting to fit your new requirements and budget.
  • Get Always-On Support -Jas Globe Inc. provides you with the technology support and expertise you need to delight your guests. We’ll help you navigate the IT industry and deliver on-demand support to streamline every process.

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