Pay as you Go IT Services

Pay as you Go IT Services

Our Pay As You Go IT Support Service is great for new customers or for existing clients who do not need proactive IT systems management and maintenance. We can provide general technical support and fix, repair or replace any part of your IT infrastructure including PC's, servers, laptops and networks for a one off charge. We will diagnose the problem, agree a solution and price and complete the repair or provide tech support. We will attempt to resolve the issue remotely using our remote control software, however if an onsite visit is required by a qualified computer technician, a call out charge will be applicable.

We can help with any of the following and more:

  • Faulty monitor
  • Virus outbreak
  • Computer crashes
  • Data loss
  • Start-up problems
  • Network/Internet slow
  • Poor performance
  • Printing problems

Who would this benefit?

Our pay as you go service is for those not wishing to commit to a monthly contract, you simply want to pay for what you need, as and when you need it. This is a perfect solution for businesses who already have an existing IT Department who just want a little helping hand, possibly extra resources or expertise in certain situations.

This is also a great solution for small start-up businesses, those who are not truly sure yet how much support they will require as they establish themselves in their business field. Our pay as you go IT support is suitable for any business requiring IT support that do not wish to commit to a monthly contract.

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